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Meredith Foster is a 20-year-old YouTuber. She has more than 4 million subscribers! She makes fashion videos, DIYs (in her vlog channel, VlogsbyMeredith), getting-ready videos, and more! Her YouTube channel, StilaBabe09, is a very fantastic channel!

She was inspired by Bethany Mota, the same kind of YouTuber as Meredith, but with 8 million subscribers! Meredith's first video, which was 3 years ago, according to Meredith. But when you click the link, the date appears to be September 18, 2012. Bethany inspired Meredith. As Meredith mentioned, Beth gave me honorable mention!, in the description, it means that Bethany noticed her. She also congratulated Bethany with her 1 million subscribers. Then, Meredith continued filming.

She has 2 siblings: a twin brother, Michael; and a older sister Elizabeth. Meredith also loves her adorable black lab, Lacy. Her birthday is November 5, 1995. I LOVE HER

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