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Meredith Foster is a 20-year-old YouTuber. She should have more than 9384739383 zillion subscribers! So you have to subscribe to her! She's the best! She makes fashion videos, DIYs (in her vlog channel, VlogsbyMeredith), getting-ready videos, and more! Her YouTube channel, StilaBabe09, is a very fantastic channel! Omg mere ilysm you make me so happy everyday and you are so beautiful and confident.

She has 2 siblings: a twin brother, Michael; and a older sister Elizabeth. Meredith also loves her adorable black lab, Lacy. Her birthday is November 5, 1995. and she was born and raised in California.She was a cheerleader when she was young. I LOVE HER Merebears love mere!!!!

Instagram: meredithfoster Twitter: meredithfoster snapchat: itsmerefoster

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