Meredith Foster is a 21-year-old YouTuber. She has more than 4.7 million subscribers! So you have to subscribe to her! She's the best! She makes fashion videos, DIYs (in her vlog channel, VlogsbyMeredith), getting-ready videos, and more! Her YouTube channel, StilaBabe09, is a very fantastic channel! Omg mere ilysm you make me so happy everyday and you are so beautiful and confident.she dates weeklychris.

She has 2 siblings: a twin brother, Michael; and a older sister Elizabeth. Meredith also loves her adorable black lab, Lacy. Her birthday is November 5, 1995. and she was born and raised in California.She was a cheerleader when she was young. I LOVE HER Merebears love mere!!!!

Instagram: meredithfoster Twitter: meredithfoster snapchat: itsmerefoster

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